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My name is Nikki Vernon, and ever since I was little I’ve been interested in the arts. Whether it was drawing animals or making packaging for fake cereal out of paper, you could always find me doing something creative. Throughout public and high school I was known as the “art kid” and would always end up staying past school hours in the art room until the janitors would have to kick me out. I always went over and above when working on projects for my creative classes.

University was a huge game changer for me, because now I was suddenly surrounded by all of the other “art kids” from other schools and it took some time to figure out who I was and what made me me. I can now confidently say I am a proud holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Design from OCAD University, and on the road to a bright future in the world of the arts.

Some interesting things about me:

  • Coffee is a must, and with it I always start my day off right.
  • I have a cute dog named Peanut who loves cheese and cooked carrots and always makes me smile!
  • I always need to be doing something, whether it be at work or at home.
  • I do illustration commission work in my free time as well as table at conventions.
  • I love expanding my knowledge on a variety of subjects - I always have something to talk about!

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